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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

IFBCon Favorite Snaps

I went. I saw. I conquered. And my feet were killing me by the end of it all. 

Independent Fashion Bloggers produced another great event with panels focusing on blogger authenticity, fresh, unique, ever-evolving content and how fashion bloggers are re-inventing the industry.

Here are some shots of the day...

1/ IFB Conference 2/ Amazing handbag designer from Spain - Ines Figaredo 3/ Up and coming men's personal style blog - Unconventional Vanity 4/ How chic is Carrie Hammer in her self-designed suitdress?? 5/ Moi 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Who's that Girl? Tell Me About Yourself Tag

The wonderful blogstress Jill of Everything Just So tagged me! This is the first time anyone's tagged me so it's very special. I get to share with you lovely readers some random facts about me. Get excited yall, here we go!

1. I like sweet AND salty but not sweet&salty. Most people usually like one or the other but I like both - just not together. Like that trend a few years ago with salty chocolate - wasn't into it. I'd much prefer a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips washed down with a nice reeses peanut butter cup. I can totally get into that.

2. I've lived in 8 different apartments in the past 7 years in NYC, which has taken me through several boroughs and neighborhoods.

I've lived in:
  • Manhattan -  The East Village, Greenwich Village, The Financial District and SoHo
  • Queens - Long Island City (no, not Long Island!)
  • Brooklyn - Bed Stuy, Ft. Greene
Obviously I'm a downtown and outer borough kinda girl. I've never lived above 10th st!

3. I can't swim (yet). Mhm, yes, sadly this is true. I can "swim" but I'd probably drown if my life really depended on it.

4. I've become deathly afraid of child birth - like the actual labor-push-grunt-push a gajillion more times part. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. I'm a woman - this can't be normal! And it just started happening a few years ago and has gotten to the point where I can't watch birthing scenes on TV. I cringe at the thought of that going through THAT. I do want to be a mom one day so either I'll get over it or I'll pay a surrogate to carry my future offspring. Kidding! (kind of).

5. I love (well-done) tattoos! I have two small ones and hoping to get a third soon. My boyfriend has a really hot one that covers a very large part of his body and it's probably one of the main reasons I started dating him. Kidding again! (kind of).

6. I've had a splinter stuck in my index finger for the past 4 days. It hurt at first but I can't feel it anymore. I should probably do something about it but since I'm really averse to pain, (refer to #4 but ignore #5) I generally delay situations which involve pain as a main event (ie. childbirth, dentist's appointments, waxing, etc).

7. My vision is horrible. I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 13 to compensate for this impairment but now I really want a pair of glasses (or a sponsor to pay for lasik).

There you have it. Me in 7 random thoughts!

Another first for your truly is the coveted (you like my pun?) IFB Links a la Mode!!

Here's this week's roundup,curated by the awesome Vashni from Grit & Glamour!

Sunglasses at ShopbopStella McCartney, DITA, Tom Ford, Ray Ban, Karen Walker, The Row, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Matthew Williamson, Gucci, Carrera, & Cloe.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#IFBCON Pre-Party!

In case you haven't heard, it's Fashion Week in NYC and that means tons of fashion shows, conferences, pre-parties and after-parties.

I some how got invited to attend The Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference pre-party at the Mandarian Oriental Bar. (ahem, thank you Grit & Glamour for the invite!) Although I couldn't make it to the actual conference - gotta pay the bills - I did have a fabulous time networking and learning from some seasoned bloggers.

 Ari from Advanced Style

I got some great advice from Ari about approaching random strangers to shoot street style. What's the worst they can say? "No thanks" Not so bad afterall. I definitely have more courage to venture into Corporate Street Style!

 Yours truly hanging with Tony Wang of post.fashionism

We chatted a while about business, consulting, fashion, school, nerdism... Great guy!

I didn't get to snap a shot of the beautiful Anika of By Anika but she was just as amazingly positive and supportive as she comes off on her blog. You inspire me!

Overall I was surprised by how "cool" everyone was. I mean really. Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly was absolutely down-to-earth and sweet. She even gave me advice on blogging time management: You make time for the things you're passionate about. And both Bella of The Citizen Rosebud and Monroe of Fashion Steele NYC had me giggly all night. Ok, it might have also been all the bubbly that the servers were passing around too. Don't judge. 

Embarrassing Blogger Story Alert
So here I am soaked from the deluge on Tuesday night, trying to balance myself from sliding down the Mandarin Oriental's lobby, when I see a woman in an awfully beautiful floral dress. I say nothing as we both enter the elevator but I do notice that she's also going to the 35th floor. Hmm... an hour later I find out that it was no other than Jennine Jacob aka The Coveted aka IFB's founder! Oops. I later went and said hello after I laughed at myself.

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