Saturday, November 12, 2011

Women's Suiting 2.0: The Quincy Collection

I'm not sure how I heard of Alex & Christina but I could totally relate to them: female MBAs, working girls/entrepreneurs-in-the-making who were frustrated with the selection of suits for women. I also was immediately inspired by their mission: to reinvent boxy and ill-fitting women's suits. I was so eager to check them out but alas they were still in the conception stage when I'd discovered their business idea over the summer. So to say that I was pleased to hear of the Quincy SS12 Capsule Collection was an understatement! Also adding to my excitement is the fuschia fabric lining. Yes, I'm a girl and I (sometimes) like pink!

"We've started with three pieces that are the cornerstone of every working woman's wardrobe: the perfect jacket, pant and pencil skirt."

With affordable pieces and designs that were created "for professional women, by professional women" Quincy Apparel promises to be an interesting case study for what happens when women start to take control of designing clothing for ourselves.

I'm eager to try out the initial pieces of the collection after the new year (completing a personal challenge of no additional clothing purchases until January). But if you're currently in the market for a great suit, check these ladies out and let me know how the pieces fit.

Check out the entire collection here: Quincy Apparel

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