Sunday, October 23, 2011

DailyBuzz Style 9x9: How to Wear Bright Pants to Work

I'd been thinking of how to brighten up my fall work wardrobe and so when DailyBuzz Style 9x9 asked some bloggers to show off ways to incorporate bright pants, I jumped at the opportunity. As some of you more frequent blog readers know, it's pretty tough for me to find the right pair of pants that fit my bodyshape: I have a narrow waist with larger thighs. So this challenge was a real one.

I'm spending the weekend visiting my boyfriend in San Francisco and got the opportunity to check out some of the shops in the downtown area. My first inkling was to go to the larger known brands as they usually have a wider selection in terms of styles and prices but after hitting up Zara, H&M, JCrew, Mango without success, I started to get discouraged. Either they didn't have bright colored pants at all or I ended in a pair that too closely resembled mom-pants. 

I struck gold at Madewell. It was a pleasant surprise since I'd always thought that most of the JCrew's brand extension was far too hippie/casual for me to wear to work. I lucked out in these Colorwheel Trousers in "kilt red". They also come in the Fall 2011 appropriate color of "royal blue."

I'm pairing these bright orangey-red pants with a cream-colored, gold collar-accented flowy top from H&M. My office environment leans slightly more conservative so when wearing this type of bright color to the office, I choose to tone it down by adding a more muted color on top. For a more casual work environment, this would pair nicely with another bright color on top, for some color-blocking action.
[Top] H&M [Pants] Madewell [Shoes] Nine West


Marciab003 said...

love this color on you, bright & fun!

CasualCORPORATE said...

Thanks! :)

Mae said...

I'm so glad you did this post on wearing colored pants to work! I was considering taking that angle for my post for the challenge too, but in the end I didn't find any that I liked. This pair is fantastic, great color!
Happy to find your blog through DBS, I'm following you now!

Style Delights said...

Good idea! I like the reddish/orange color of your pants! I love red pants and pairing them with neutral or grey ! BTW I am following your blog now. Please check out my blog at
Thanks and happy blogging!

sklee said...

was wondering if you could comment on the fit of these pants. thanks!

CasualCORPORATE said...

Thanks for stopping by. These pants are not the best fit for someone curvier on the bottom like myself. I'm wearing a size 6 here - I usually wear a 6 or 8 in pants, depending on fit. I found them to be a bit loose in the waist but snug (not too uncomfortably snug though) in the thigh area. The size 8 I tried on was just too big in the waist but fit a lot better in the thigh. I think these pants would be great on someone less curvy. Hope that helps!

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